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Creative Writing – Good Writing Anchor Chart


Now that the 2012-2013 school year is over, it’s time to start thinking about next year!  I’m truly inspired by my upcoming classes, too!  I’ll have Jr. High/ High School Creative Writing, Jr. High Anatomy (a.k.a. Blood & Guts!), Jr. High History (Middle Ages, part deux), Epsilon Math (Fractions), Levels 1 & 2 Art classes, a SPED Spelling/Reading Class, and a Map class!

Before school starts, I’ll have a 6-week Summer Art Camp, along with a Math Interactive Journal class.

So, in order to have everything ready by the time school begins, I’ve started putting my room together.  Here’s the first of many:

For my Creative Writing class - or for anyone that needs to know this.

For my Creative Writing class – or for anyone that needs to know this.

I saw this on Pinterest, and decided to make my own version of it.  I love it!

Writing – Mr. Stick Grows the Biggest Vegetable Ever!


Oh no! Mr. Stick grows a tomato bomb!

Our friend, Mr. Stick has managed to grow the biggest vegetable ever.  I asked the kids to tell me not only what kind of vegetable it was, but also what happened as a result of this massive veggie!

In the story that Dominic wrote, Mr. Stick met his unfortunate demise as the tomato went nuclear.  Fear not, fans!  Mr. Stick returns in the next episode.

Writing – Mr. Stick Gets a Wish



Mr. Stick Gets a Wish – the poor guy!

For this writing assignment, Mr. Stick Gets a Wish.  I didn’t give the kids too many parameters, because I was curious as to what kinds of wishes Mr. Stick would get, and how he would come about them.  Mr. Stick was visited by a fairy godmother, a tooth fairy, and even a dark, shadowy force!  He wished to be a famous par cour(er) and lots of money.

Yes, the picture to the left has quite a few spelling mistakes, but I’m not grading on spelling, punctuation, or even grammar – as long as the concept can be conveyed, and I can read it.  Remember, I have some VERY reluctant writers in my class!  The idea is to get them to enjoy writing.  The proper stuff will come with time.

Writing – Mr. Stick Goes to the Grocery Store


Sounds pretty bland, eh?  Not!  Our Mr. Stick was attacked by ‘gangstas,’ had shelves colapse on him, and a myriad of other things, because I told the kids they had to tell about the WORST possible thing that could happen to Mr. Stick in the grocery store – and it didn’t even have to be real.  Their minds went ga-ga.

My daughter (a junior) now wants to join in on the fun of writing about Mr. Stick, because she sees her brother having such a great time.  HER Mr. Stick adventure involved him stealing a priceless necklace from a body-building grandma.  That’s not so hard to believe.  Is it?  I wonder if some other older kids and teens will join in…

Writing – Mr. Stick Intro


This is Gavin’s (ily, Gavin!) Mr. Stick Intro. Notice that the poor soul is a relative of Count Olaf and he’s unfortunately married to an evil wife.

So this year, I received a giant lump of non-writers.  My son was included in this.  Most of the moms told me their kids were readers, but didn’t like to write a lick.  I was a little worried because my normal question to myself would be, “Self?  How do I get him (my son) to enjoy writing?”  Now I had to figure out something for 11 kids.  ELEVEN!

After looking on Pintrest (ily, Pintrest!), I found this great site that was all about Mr. Stick.  You can find the original idea here.  I kept a few parts of it, but I tweaked it for my classroom.  Why did I do that?  Because I can.  Remember – this is homeschooling.

The basic idea is to write about the given topic in a composition notebook, and draw Mr. Stick on the paper to match with the assignment.  I don’t have too many in the classroom that can draw very well, so having Mr. Stick be a stick figure was perfect.

We started off with me showing the kids how to draw a ‘proper’ stick figure.  I made sure to emphasize that the head needed to be the size of a quarter – a few times.  I have one kid, Aaron (ily, Aaron!), who writes and draws like he’s trying to impress a mouse!  Needless to say, I sometimes feel like I need a microscope just to see his work.

After the main head and body were drawn (we’re lucky to have an overhead projector at our new location!), I went over different facial expressions Mr. Stick might have.  It was so funny hearing all the different ideas the kids had, and I tried to draw them all.  Some were very similar, but I obliged.  I had the kids draw them in their book, next to the body and head shapes.

Once the kids got that down, I asked them to create an introduction.  I told them it needed to be at LEAST 3-5 sentences, and that it should have information like:  does he have any parents?  does he have a wife?  how about children?  and any other pertinent information about him.  It was so funny reading the responses I got!  The kids absolutely loved writing about him!  Nick (ily, Nick!) made Mr. Stick an assassin.  Noah’s (ily, Noah!) Mr. Stick had 1,000,000 kids (yes, that’s one MEEEEElion).  Funny Dominic (ily, Dominic!) made Mr. Stick a few thousand years old.  They all had a blast with it.

I’m on to something…