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Art – Turkey Selfies

Somehow, he knows what's coming...

Somehow, he knows what’s coming…

Somehow, he knew what was coming….

I passed out a sheet of cartoon eyes that depicted emotion to my 7th/8th grade class.  Then, I asked the kids to think about the idea of the Thanksgiving turkey having a smartphone, and on that smartphone would be pictures.  What would the final selfie of the turkey look like?  Did he (or she) know what’s coming, or was he completely and blissfully unaware?

At first, we make this all about the turkeys, and used chalk pastels, with the black oil pastels to outline and fill-in, on orange paper.  They were fine like that, but I felt like it could use something else, so we made backgrounds of the turkey farms and they REALLY came alive!  The backgrounds were made using colored pencils and watercolors.

Caution… the expressions of the turkeys and their unique farms are pretty dang funny.





Thanksgiving – Rick Rolled!


Don’t worry.  I won’t actually Rickroll you, but this post IS about rolls…

Last year, my family tried something brand-spanking new at the table.  I made up some prompts and open-ended questions on a piece of paper, cut them out, wrapped them in foil, and rolled them up in our crescent rolls for Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun, we’re doing it again this year!

Here are the prompts I created.  They’re on the first sheet.  The second sheet has Thanksgiving facts, in case you have a big family – or just like to eat a lot of rolls.

Thanksgiving Bread Inserts

Here’s a picture of how you roll them up once they’ve been wrapped in foil (a lot like a gum wrapper):

Schooled in Love:  Thanksgiving Rolls