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Art – Desert Landscapes


My 3rd-5th graders had a pretty good time with this one.  Well, they always have a good time with the chalk/glue resist projects.  I think they turned out beautifully, and the kids are nice and proud of them.

Art – Mayan Stone Carvings


These were done by my high school class, and they had a pretty good time with it.  They used a flour/salt/water mixture to make  squeezable goo that dried to a nice, hard, thirsty bunch of lines on their paper.  It really soaked in the water colors well!

Once the lines were dry, they used chalk pastels to finish the insides of the shapes.  Finally, a splattering of paint finished it off.

Art – Aboriginal Paintings


For this project, I printed out some silhouettes of animals found in Australia.  The 5th/6th graders did these projects on a paper bag.  Once the students picked out their animal, they drew it onto the paper bag sheet, remembering to fill the page as best they could, and used a Sharpie to outline it, and then drew lines to make sections to fill up the rest of the space.  They had fun crumpling the sheet up into a tight ball, and trying to smooth it out.  This gave it an aged, bark-like appearance.  Tearing the edges gave it an aged look, too.

Next, they used earth-toned chalk pastels to fill in the sections and the animal.  Once that was completed, they dipped the end of their paintbrushes into acrylic paints and made dots in circles and lines to represent Aboriginal dot painting.

I really liked how these turned out, and I think all the students enjoyed the process.