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Art – Oil Pastel Resist Leaves


My 3rd-5th graders had a pretty good time with this, and they came out so nice and bold!

If you’ve never used liquid watercolors, I highly recommend trying it.  It gives completely different results!

Art – Embossed Leaves


This was a new project of which I hadn’t tried, so it was definitely a learning curve for my high school art students.  Most of them seemed to like the project when it was completed, but there were a few that voiced their contempt for it as well.  Personally, I thought it was a good way to stretch their brains regarding art.  We dealt with embossing, burnishing, and creating textured backgrounds. 

The girls got frustrated when their perceived ideas of what the embossed leaves should look like didn’t exactly turn out to be as such.  Then, they discovered pitfalls with their backgrounds.  One of the girls decided to use tissue paper, and after she painted the tissue on to the board with red paint, she thought it turned out looking like flesh, which is kinda gross.  Ha!  She thought that spray painting the edges black would get rid of that look as well as match it better with the leaves, and that just made it look evil.  Ha! Again!  I tried to help her by spraying a little silver on the edges to “holy” it up again, BUT she thought it was ugly.  In the end, I think it was one of the best ones made.

Here is the "evil" background in progress.  See the flesh?  Haha!

Here is the “evil” background in progress. See the flesh? Haha!


Schooled in Love:  Embossed Leaves

Here is the finished project. I think it looks great with all the elements and textures!