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New Building, New Tables


During the middle of last year, our old building came under new management.  The new priest wanted to do something different with the building, so we had to pack up and move when we were done with the school year.  Remember, we’re a co-op, so we don’t have an official “place.”  Because our co-op grew a LOT within those last two years, we were now having to scramble to find a building that (A) would fit all of us, and (B) not be TOO expensive.  That was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We visited so many buildings, and we even considered splitting the co-op up, based on age-level, but the places we were looking at wouldn’t let us leave anything there.  So basically, we’d be hauling in our stuff every morning, and hauling out our stuff every afternoon.  I was willing to make it work, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to it.  I have 5 art classes – can you imagine having to bring in all that stuff, and take home all the drying stuff every day???  If would have sucked for the other classes as well…

Finally, we found a building that, while was a BIT more expensive than our last place, was able to house all of us AND let us keep our things there.  It’s a three-story building with plenty of rooms, and we have basically the run of it.  We’ll have to have fundraisers to help offset the cost, and we’ll all have buns of steel by the time the year’s over (from all the stairs), but it’s now home.  It used to be a military barrack, and while we were cleaning it, we found spent shells!  Cool, huh!  The kids thought so.

School in Love

I was a little worried when I noticed that most of the rooms are carpeted or have beautiful stone tile.  I was envisioning all the paint and what-not falling to the floor, and then I saw that two rooms had old linoleum, which was PERFECT, and I got one of them!  Bring on the messes!


At the last place, we used their tables, BUT we didn’t have enough tables for everyone at this new building.  My husband and I sat down and brainstormed, and we came up with a plan to build 4 tables that would be ideal for my art classes.  You have to understand that NEITHER of us have ever built anything substantial that didn’t come in a kit (where it tells you to match B with B, and so on), but we were determined to make this work.  Our prototype table is a little… off, but we learned from it, and each table got faster and faster to build.  They’re 4’x4′, so they allow for the perfect work-space, and they’re a little taller than we anticipated (I promise we measured!), which worked out perfectly to use stools.


Apparently the stools need to be 2′, in order for a student to sit comfortable under the table, and when I asked for stool donations, I got some 3-footers, so now I need to cut them down.  We’ve already had the first week of school, and the kids love the table/stool configuration in my room!  Good job, husband!