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History – SOTW, Vol. 2: Chapter 35

Recognize these four names?

Recognize these four names?

In Chapter 35, we’re introduced to the Renaissance era.  I threw in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reference, because it was quite fitting.  This chapter also talks about the Gutenberg Printing Press.


Here’s the slide show:

CH35 A New Way of Thinking


History – SOTW, Vol. 2: Chapter 34

Divorced, Beheaded, Died Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!

Divorced, Beheaded, Died
Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!

Here we have Chapter 34’s slide show.  It covers Martin Luther and his 95 Theses, and how King Henry VIII took that idea and ran with it.


CH34 Martin Luthers New Ideas


History: Quetzalcoatl Scupltures


We had a special project for Chapter 32: The American Kingdoms.  I went out to Art in History and ordered 16 of the Aztec Quetzalcoatl sculptures.  The kids had a GREAT time painting these, and if you’re a homeschooler, or even if you have a classroom environment, like we do, I HIGHLY recommend this company!  Each sculpture comes with everything you need:  the sculpture, Styrofoam plates (for palettes), a NICE brush, a sponge, paint, and a great box to store it in.  Yes, even the packaging is nice!

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Brian Card.  He’s the regional manager, and he held my hand through the entire process.  I was even sent a free sample to try out before buying the 16 sculptures!  He’s the bomb-diggety.

The entire process took three class periods.  It’s important to emphasize that while the sculptures need two coats of paint, the paint dries fairly quickly.  However, you’ll still want to allow for enough time when painting them.

Here’s our process:

And here are the finished results!

History – SOTW, Vol. 2: Chapter 32

The Tribe That Ruled a Continent

Whatever you do, don’t play any games.

This was a particularly gory chapter.  It happens to be one of my favorite time periods, and I had fun sharing what I know (which is more than what the book’s chapter gives).  The kids were completely fascinated by just how bloody of a time period this was.  They seem to really like the chapters where there is a lot of… drama.

The American Kingdoms

History – SOTW, Vol. 2: Chapter 31

Way back when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean blue!

Way back when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean blue!

Here’s the slideshow for chapter 31.  This chapter covers the Spanish and Portuguese explorers discovering the Americas.  The maps are great for geography review!  Enjoy…

Exploring New Worlds

History – The Silk Road


We’re on the 2nd half of the Story of the World, Volume 2 – The Middle Ages, and we’re currently studying Marco Polo’s journey on the Silk Road.  The activity book gave me the idea of creating the little stopping points, but I added a little flair to it.

I played the part of the travelers’ (kids’) guide.  Before we started, I set up different spots around the school with signs.  We wound our way through the school, re-enacting the experience of traveling through two deserts.  When we came upon an “oasis,” there would be a snack, like trail mix or granola bars ‘hidden’ there for us.  We also received water from a “kind merchant” (another teacher in a room), and she gave us water bottles (all pre-planned!) to help us on our journey.

Our next stop was the Yellow River.  I had the kids sit on the tables in our classroom, and “row” with brooms and yardsticks.  I also used a fog machine for an eerie watery effect.  *Note:  Make sure you tell everyone else you’re running a fog machine in a school, because it looks an awful lot like SMOKE!  While they rowed, I told them more interesting facts about the Silk Road.

When we finally “landed,” we went down the hall to an unused room that had “merchants” waiting for us with a table of goods to trade.  Before this took place, I asked the kids to bring in about 3 items they no longer wanted.  I didn’t tell them what it was for.  The teacher I asked to help out with the merchant table was phenomenal!  She dressed as an African trader and really made the kids work for their trade!

All-in-all, it was a fabulous class!

Just in case you want to print off the signs and do your own Silk Road expedition, here are the ones I made:  Printable Silk Road Signs

Anchor Chart – Magna Carta


Now, this was a fun anchor chart to make!  Since we’ll be covering the 2nd half of Story of the World, volume 2, I’ll be reviewing all the good stuff we learned last year.  The Magna Carta was one of them.  Tsk-tsk, King John…

Schooled in Love:  Anchor Chart - Magna Carta


Oh!  Just in case you’re wondering, I totally cheated on Ye Olde English Lettering.  I printed out the letters I needed, and slid them under the newsprint.  Then, I traced.   …and looked awesome while doing it.