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Blood and Guts – Eyeball Dissection


What kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t let the younglings dissect an eyeball, since we’re on the senses?  A bad one, that’s what.  I can tell you that I wasn’t in there, because under no circumstance is my mental well-being worth anyone dissecting an eyeball.  Just these pictures make me want to crawl out of my skin!  So, I had another teacher take over for me (I took her engineering class), and she rocked it (ahem – as did I, with her class)!

Grody to the MAX (no offence to my student, Max…)!  Although, Max was pretty dang grossed out (along with a couple of others).


This is HANDS-DOWN the BEST eye dissection walk-through I found.  I wish they had it for the rest of the body parts we dissected!


Here are our pictures, and there are a couple of videos below as well:


Of course, all these pictures (and more!) will go in their lapbooks, so they can have wonderful memories of this…

Now for the videos:



And the UBER-SICK-NASTY one:



Blood and Guts – Heart Dissection


How about another gruesome dissection, starring the 6th/7th grade Blood and Guts class?  Of course!

We started out with two cow hearts.  I love working with cow parts, because if you can only get one or two of them (like us), they’re nice and big enough for everyone to see, experience, and participate.



Then we started hacking away to find all the interesting heart-parts.  We took turns, because there are always ones who like to cut and get their hands in, and others who would rather be at home watching TV watch.


Here are the hearts, wide open:


And we even had time to play…

Schooled in Love:  Heart Dissection

Blood and Guts – Lungs Dissection


We just love to get down and dirty with our anatomy class!  We’re finishing up our study on the Respiratory System, and today we got the awesome chance to dissect a couple of cow lungs.

We had two sets, so I divided the class in half to allow the kids more hands-on teamwork.  They really liked this dissections because it was so big, BUT it didn’t have the awful smells of the GI Tract (I’m STILL gagging) and the kidneys.

Here are some pictures of our fun experience:

Here’s an awesome video of us blowing air in a lung to inflate it!

Blood and Guts – Kidney Dissection


Schooled in Love:  Kidney Dissection Day!

One of the (many!) things my classroom o’ homeschooled kids looks forward to is dissection day!  Yes, it’s gross.  Yes, it smells.  Yes, it feels pretty dang nasty, but just as soon as we’re done with one, someone invariably asks, “When’s our next dissection, Mrs. Darby???”  It brings tears of pride to my eyes.

This is our kidney dissection.  We used cow kidneys, and they stink of urine and blood REALLY heavily.  You could taste it!  Yes, I just went there…  Also, they are VERY hard to slice vertically.  Kidneys are TOUGH!  If I revisit this class, I’ll have the butcher slice them in half for me.

Aside from showing their parents that we do this cool stuff in class, AND that these pictures are great record-keepers of the fact that we DO school with our homeschool kids, I get all these pictures printed up, and they put them in their lapbooks, so if they ever go back and show someone what they did in school, they’ll have a way to recapture those memories.  🙂

These particular pictures will go in their Renal System section.

Anyway, here are the action shots!



Blood and Guts – The Bowels of Hell


Let me just start off by stating they do NOT pay me enough for this!  Holy cow this was N-A-S-T-Y.  Do you know when people speak of “The Bowels of Hell?”  This was it.

Our hook-up, Mrs. Ferro, was able to get us a complete GI tract of (we THINK) a pig.  From the back of the throat allllllll the way to the hairy little anus.

For the record, I’m surprised I was able to keep down my breakfast.  I was gagging left and right!  That smell.  THAT SMELL.  I will NEVER forget THAT SMELL.

After our dissection, we had a debriefing.  This gave me a chance to ask the kids what they liked most, and what they liked least about this project.  They all loved the experience (this is something they’d never get to do in regular school, for REALS), and they all pretty much hated the smell.  They all said they’d never forget it!

Next week:  teeth.  Thank you, sweet Jesus.

Blood and Guts – Long Bone Dissection


What can make an entire class say, “Ooh!” and “Eww!” at the same time?  Dissecting.

At our co-op, we have the bomb-diggetiest mom who can land us just about any animal body part.  Mrs. Ferro, you rock out loud!

Here are some pictures of our eventful class today:

Look at this GIANT joint Mrs. Ferro found for us!  Each of the kids had a chance to hold this HEAVY set of bones and move them back and forth.

Blood and Guts – Lapbook: Lesson 1


Blood & Guts.  At least, that’s what we’re calling it, because the kids think it’s a cool name.  What we’re actually studying is Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology (whew!).

We’re creating this wicked-awesome lapbook in the class, and I just thought I’d take pictures of my example piece as we go, so in case you’ve got a hankering to make one, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel so much.

Before we go on, let me just start off by stating that I have 14 kiddos in my B&G class.  *cough*  I do have a fabulous helper, Mrs. Sharkey, but 14 is still a LOT when you have stuff to read, assignments, experiments, projects, dissections, and then… the lapbook.  The Lord grants me a tiny shred of sanity every time I think about this class, and I think that’s why I keep going.  I also keep thinking maybe someday I’ll get a raise.  Oh. Wait.  I homeschool.

The base of the lapbook is from Knowledge Box Central.  (****UPDATE (10/15/2017)****  KBC moved their link.  It used to be divided in two purchases, but they’ve combined it into one.  Smart move on their part!)  Chapters 1-14 can be found here.

I could have stopped there, as it’s a nice lapbook, BUT… I didn’t.

I wanted to add body parts the kids could color, so I used Scholastic’s The Body Book, by Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne.  Now, THIS book is SO COOL!  You’ll see most of the parts as we progress through the year.  I could have stopped there, as now we have the makings of an awesome lapbook, BUT… I didn’t.

Now it’s my turn to step up the game.  I wanted to emphasize certain sections as well as create extra parts for our experiments and projects, so the .PDF files you’ll see listed below are ones I created to fill in some blanks and make it wicked-awesome.  Kind-of like Emeril:  Bam!  Kick it up a notch!

Please note that most of these lapbook parts I’ve created are with the idea that more than one student are being taught (I have 14 kids, remember!), and I try to conserve paper by having multiple foldables, etc. on one sheet.  If you’re only teaching one child, you’ll have extra parts.

Here’s what I have to add to Lesson 1:

L1 Lapbook – Humors – This is a supplemental foldable.

L1 Lapbook – Spontaneous Generation – This is a supplemental foldable.

L1 Lapbook – DNA – This is a supplemental foldable.

L1 Experiment – Mummifying an Apple – This can be found on page 21.

L1 Experiment – How Magnification Works – This can be found on page 26.

L1 Experiment – Choosy Cell – This can be found in Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy Notebooking Journal, Lesson 1.

We also test in this class, and unfortunately, Apologia doesn’t have a “teacher’s manual” or a “test booklet,” so that just means we homeschoolers have to come up with one on our own in order to supplement our needs.  So, below you’ll find the test I created.  As an added blessing, there’s an answer key for you as well.

L1 Test

L1 Test – Answer Key

Want to see what the lapbook looks like?  I’ll show you Lesson 1.  I’ve already started building Lesson 2, and you’ll see a little peek of it. but you’ll have to wait until we’ve finished before I show you that one.

Here are the rest of the lapbook parts available:

Lapbook:  Lesson 2 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 3 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 4 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 4B can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 6 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lessons 7 and 8 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 9 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 10 can be found here.

Lapbook:  Lesson 11 can be found here.