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Blood and Guts – Lapbook, Lesson 4


Here’s our lapbook monster featuring Lesson 4:  The Digestive System.   In Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, they add in the Renal System.  We’re going to keep it separate in our lapbooks, even if it’s only a page of information.

I didn’t use too much of Knowledge Box Central’s lapbook foldables this time.  In fact, I was really disappointed!  It only had one foldable for the entire Digestive System!  Because of that, I had to supplement a LOT of pieces.  I also found this downloadable (yay!) book from Scholastic:  Easy Make & Learn Projects:  The Human Body.  This is where that giant inside-view of the girl comes from.

We aren’t doing any more standard tests in this class.  The cool thing about homeschooling, is that we can add, subtract, and do whatever we need to do to make learning happen.

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Here’s the stuff I made.  Download and use what you wish.

Experiment Cards:

L4 Experiment – Amylase (Instructions for this are found on page 72.)

L4 Experiment – Tooth Enamel  (Instructions for this are found on page 71.)

L4 Experiment – Egg Enamel  (This is identical to the tooth experiment, and you can see it in a bigger form.)

L4 Experiment – Stomach Simulation  (Instructions for this can be found on page 76.  You can also see how we did it here.)

L4 Experiment – Food Groups  (This is a card to record which foods have starches, fats, etc.)

Supplemental Foldables:

L4 Lapbook – Appendix

L4 Lapbook – Bolus

L4 Lapbook – Burp

L4 Lapbook – Chyme

L4 Lapbook – Defecation

L4 Lapbook – duodenum-jejenum-ileum

L4 Lapbook – Epiglottis

L4 Lapbook – Flatulence

L4 Lapbook – Gastroesophageal Sphincter

L4 Lapbook – Gastrointestinal Tract L

4 Lapbook – liver-bile-gall bladder

L4 Lapbook – Mechanical vs Chemical

L4 Lapbook – pancreas

L4 Lapbook – Pepsin

L4 Lapbook – Saliva

L4 Lapbook – Three Parts of Large Intestine

L4 Lapbook – villi

L4 Lapbook – Vomit

L4 Lapbook – Why does my Stomach Growl


L4 Pictures – Cross-Sections

Here’s our ever-growing lapbook pictures to see how it’s put together.  All the blank areas are for our photos of our projects.


Blood and Guts: Digestive Juices


If you want to make Mrs. Darby turn green and almost lose her breakfast, THIS is how to do it.  Even just THINKING about this makes me a little light-headed, so this is going to be a short post!

First, I had the kids chew on a saltine cracker.  This part didn’t gross me out.  It’s See-Food!  Didn’t your family ever play this at the table??



Here’s where things turn badly…

I had them put 10 saltine crackers in a Ziploc bag.  Then, we added water, closed the bag, and… churned.


I had to open a window, and breath in that crisp, cold, fall air.  Breath in, breath out, Mrs. Darby, for the worst has not yet come to pass:  the eyeball.

Blood and Guts – Magic Poo


We are now into our 4th lesson:  The Digestive System.  Now, Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology added the renal system in with it, but I’m choosing to wait until we’ve mastered one before we get to another.


What does this have to do with Magic Poo? Well, the way poo is made is pretty darn magical, and if I could fart sparkles to prove my point, I would.  Unfortunately, I’m left with simply helping the kids to visualize and understand, so I made up a fun bulletin board to help.

Schooled in Love:  Magic Poo