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Blood and Guts – Eyeball Dissection


What kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t let the younglings dissect an eyeball, since we’re on the senses?  A bad one, that’s what.  I can tell you that I wasn’t in there, because under no circumstance is my mental well-being worth anyone dissecting an eyeball.  Just these pictures make me want to crawl out of my skin!  So, I had another teacher take over for me (I took her engineering class), and she rocked it (ahem – as did I, with her class)!

Grody to the MAX (no offence to my student, Max…)!  Although, Max was pretty dang grossed out (along with a couple of others).


This is HANDS-DOWN the BEST eye dissection walk-through I found.  I wish they had it for the rest of the body parts we dissected!


Here are our pictures, and there are a couple of videos below as well:


Of course, all these pictures (and more!) will go in their lapbooks, so they can have wonderful memories of this…

Now for the videos:



And the UBER-SICK-NASTY one:



Project Reports – Cows on Parade


This project went over really well!  I think it took a little longer than anticipated, but it was no one’s fault.  They just take longer to do!  Anyway, here is the feedback of our Cows on Parade.

You can get a copy of the Art Project Report here.

Liked It:

– It was fun and I like how we got to use so much media.

– I thought it was a lot more colorful than our last project, and I enjoyed it a lot more because you could be as creative as you wanted to be.

– I liked it because you could put anything for a theme.  It really allows you to express your own personality in your art.  I also liked it because it took time and work.

– I think this was a very creative project.  We all had to think of what we were going to do and I think it was fun!!

– It was unique and something I have never seen or done before.  That’s why I liked it.

– It let me be creative.

– I liked it because we were painting.

– It was very creative and very fun.

– It was fun to have something relatively free-range to do.

– I liked to see all the 60’s pictures and it was  fun to paint with watercolors.

– I used to have a Parade of Cows book, and I loved making a theme on an animal and adding human stuff – fake eyelashes and nail polish.

– Because Mrs. Darby did it (note:  I think I have a fan…)

– I just did (liked it…)

– It was very creative.

– It allowed you to be creative and do what you want.

– It is very creative and to let us think that we can create our own cow.

– It gave us a very good opportunity to express creativity without too many limits.

– It was FUN!  I loved this project.  It combined many different mediums.

– It was creative and fun.

– I liked it because it was different to other projects and was really creative.  The most thing I really liked was the glitter.  I’ve always enjoyed using glitter.

– I liked this project because my theme was the 1920’s, and I love history.  So I got to mix my favorite [subject] into my project, which is awesome.

– I really felt I had artistic freedom – even though you wouldn’t let me put the REAL hippy stuff on there.

– I liked it because we could do whatever we wanted.

– I liked how big the project was.  I also liked using a lot of different supplies and paints.  Mrs. Darby is so awesome!  I’ll give her five stars. ***** (note:  yessssss)

– It was fun that we could do anything we want with it, and use any materials we wanted.

– It was very fun and challenging.  A great project to start off the year.  It took some time but used a lot of creativeness and imagination.

– It took a lot of thought and creative thinking, and I had fun doing it.

Liked and Disliked It:

– The reason I didn’t like it is I didn’t have a very good plan about how I was to make my cow, so it doesn’t look as creative as it could have been, plus it didn’t have that much detail to it.  But then I did like this project.  I liked how you picked a cow, and how we got to pick our own theme.

– I really liked the theme I ended up with.  It was really fun to do, and to watch everybody’s ideas come together.  But I didn’t really like how long it took us to get through, even though it was our own fault.

Didn’t Like It:

– I didn’t like the theme I picked then I just got bored with it because it took so long.

– It took too long.

Art – Cows on Parade


Holy cow.

This was a HUGE undertaking, but the results were SO awesome!  I highly recommend this project for any art teacher!

What am I talking about?  A parade of cows, of course!  I had all three art classes participate in this project, and it was so cool to see all the themes.

During the first class, we decided on the themes.  I wrote them on the board, so all the classes could see what everyone else was choosing.  I didn’t want kids to pick the same theme, and although there were a couple that got close, they were still different enough to accept.  The kids also started tracing their cows onto a large piece of white poster board, using a projector.  Once they had their cows draw, I gave them a smaller version on a regular sheet of paper.  This was to get them to plan out all their elements.  I think this REALLY helped most of the kids.  Once that was done, and if I gave them the go-ahead, they started on the real thing.

Using a projector, the kids traced the cows onto large poster boards.

Using a projector, the kids traced the cows onto large poster boards.

Once the large cows were drawn, the students used a smaller version of the cow to plan their placements.

Once the large cows were drawn, the students used a smaller version of the cow to plan their placements.


Here are the intermediate skill cows:


Here are the advanced skill cows: