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Project Reports – Cows on Parade


This project went over really well!  I think it took a little longer than anticipated, but it was no one’s fault.  They just take longer to do!  Anyway, here is the feedback of our Cows on Parade.

You can get a copy of the Art Project Report here.

Liked It:

– It was fun and I like how we got to use so much media.

– I thought it was a lot more colorful than our last project, and I enjoyed it a lot more because you could be as creative as you wanted to be.

– I liked it because you could put anything for a theme.  It really allows you to express your own personality in your art.  I also liked it because it took time and work.

– I think this was a very creative project.  We all had to think of what we were going to do and I think it was fun!!

– It was unique and something I have never seen or done before.  That’s why I liked it.

– It let me be creative.

– I liked it because we were painting.

– It was very creative and very fun.

– It was fun to have something relatively free-range to do.

– I liked to see all the 60’s pictures and it was  fun to paint with watercolors.

– I used to have a Parade of Cows book, and I loved making a theme on an animal and adding human stuff – fake eyelashes and nail polish.

– Because Mrs. Darby did it (note:  I think I have a fan…)

– I just did (liked it…)

– It was very creative.

– It allowed you to be creative and do what you want.

– It is very creative and to let us think that we can create our own cow.

– It gave us a very good opportunity to express creativity without too many limits.

– It was FUN!  I loved this project.  It combined many different mediums.

– It was creative and fun.

– I liked it because it was different to other projects and was really creative.  The most thing I really liked was the glitter.  I’ve always enjoyed using glitter.

– I liked this project because my theme was the 1920’s, and I love history.  So I got to mix my favorite [subject] into my project, which is awesome.

– I really felt I had artistic freedom – even though you wouldn’t let me put the REAL hippy stuff on there.

– I liked it because we could do whatever we wanted.

– I liked how big the project was.  I also liked using a lot of different supplies and paints.  Mrs. Darby is so awesome!  I’ll give her five stars. ***** (note:  yessssss)

– It was fun that we could do anything we want with it, and use any materials we wanted.

– It was very fun and challenging.  A great project to start off the year.  It took some time but used a lot of creativeness and imagination.

– It took a lot of thought and creative thinking, and I had fun doing it.

Liked and Disliked It:

– The reason I didn’t like it is I didn’t have a very good plan about how I was to make my cow, so it doesn’t look as creative as it could have been, plus it didn’t have that much detail to it.  But then I did like this project.  I liked how you picked a cow, and how we got to pick our own theme.

– I really liked the theme I ended up with.  It was really fun to do, and to watch everybody’s ideas come together.  But I didn’t really like how long it took us to get through, even though it was our own fault.

Didn’t Like It:

– I didn’t like the theme I picked then I just got bored with it because it took so long.

– It took too long.

Project Reports – Sugar Skulls


Here’s the feedback I got from the students; everyone seemed to like it.  All names have been removed to protect the innocent.

You can see the Sugar Skulls project here.

You can get your own copy of the Art Project Report here.

Liked it:

– Because it was super colorful . . . and ethnic!

– I loved using chalk pastels and I love how we did this project for Halloween.

– I liked this project because it went with the season we are in right now.  I also liked it because it was from a different culture.

– I enjoy using chalk pastels.  VERY FUN!

– I was good with it

– Because it had sugar in it. (note:  I think he’s referring to the title.)

– It was fun!!!

– It was fun using the chalk

– I liked tracing with glue and smearing the pastels

– Because we made a skull.

– I liked the colors and chalk pastels are fun to use.

– I liked it because it taught us how to blend chalk and it was fun just decorating it with our own kinds of technique.

– Because it was SKULLS!!!!!!!……..!

– I liked the creativeness that I was able to add to my project.

– I can use a different variety of colors.  Also you can get messy.

– I liked it because it was unique and cool and I like using chalk pastels

– We haven’t used chalk pastels before.  I felt it was a simple, hands-on way to introduce us to them without trying to be super technical.

Art – My Art Project Report


This year, after each art project, I have the kids fill out a report.  It’s sort-of like a debriefing for art.  This allows me to show them why they got the grade they did, and record it on a paper (this is linked to the ‘What’s My Art Grade?‘ rubric).  This also allows me to see if they liked the project or not, and why or why not, in case I need to make improvements or leave it alone.

I thought I had posted this at the beginning of the school year, but I guess I didn’t.  Oh well.

Here is version #1, but I wanted a way to keep the “Did you like it” part, and give them back the rest, so I revamped it.  Also, there was confusion between “Name” and “Title” as well as the date:  date finished?  date completed?

My Art Project Report


Here’s the improved version.  It allows me to cut off the bottom and save it for future reference, and I cleared up the confusion:

Art Project Report