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Anchor Chart – Minecraft Main Idea

Minecraft Main Idea Anchor Chart FTW!

Minecraft Main Idea Anchor Chart FTW!

The Angry Birds Cause & Effect Anchor Chart  seemed to be a big hit, so I decided to make another ‘pop culture’ one for my class.  All the kids are raving about “Minecraft,” including my son.  It’s a building game, and the goal is to mine different elements and build stuff up, but beware the monsters, for they’ll tear down your structure!

Anyway, what better way to get a Main Idea (idea) across but to use Minecraft?  I was even clever enough to put some puns in there, like “craft,” “pick,” “rock,” “dig,” and “build.”

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find all the parts I used to make this anchor chart.  Unlike the Angry Birds chart, I had to do a LOT of digging for the right graphics.  Hopefully, this will save you some time.

Minecraft Main Idea Anchor Chart!  For The Win!

Schooled in Love Minecraft Anchor Chart Parts


Anchor Chart: Cause & Effect


Here’s the Cause & Effect anchor chart!

Before school began, I decided I was going to make anchor charts to go along with whatever subject in reading (and other subjects) I was working on.  One of the first ones I made was based on Angry Birds.  I saw this original idea on Pintrest (ily, Pintrest!), and put my own spin on it.  I found these great Angry Bird printables, and cut a few out to make the chart.  It turned out super-cute!


Here’s another great anchor chart I made up, based on the popular game Minecraft.  It’s for teaching Main Ideas!