Monthly Archives: October 2015

Art – Tikis


This has probably been my favorite project so far this year.  It was such a great feeling to see the kids do so well!  They all had a great time making these, and they’re so colorful because the students used painted paper they made a few weeks ago.  The background is a paper bag, and they used white and black acrylic paint for the eyes and mouths.  Good stuff!

Here’s the process:

The finished tikis:

Art – Dragon Notans


I wanted to have the kids do a notan this year, and they wanted to make dragons, so why not combine the two?  It was a tricky process, but in the end, all the dragons were unique and awesome!  Making notans is a great way to teach symmetry, and my Wednesday class nailed it!

Here was the example piece:

Schooled in Love:  Dragon Notans

And here are the results: