Art – A Lesson in Abstract


Abstract, for me, is the hardest style.  My brain NEEDS to make sense of what it’s looking at, so you can imagine how difficult it was/is to teach to others!  That’s why I was super-thrilled to find a website with an awesome tutorial on a guided project.  I just needed that little (HUGE) push to tackle it, and they came out great!

A word to those of you trying it:  make sure you buy a package of disposable brushes for the liquid masking.  You may even need to replace a brush midway, if you have a slower, more thoughtful student.  I had the students draw what they were going to do on a scratch paper first.  This eliminated a lot of the thought-process when it was time to use the liquid masking.

Also, this project made me realize that I need a lot more watercolor pencils.  I thought they could share, and they DID, but oftentimes they had to wait a little, and some students felt the need to Bogart them.

A good rule of thumb when teaching this is to remember that it’s really only the artist who knows for sure which end is up on an abstract, so have your students keep turning it, so it doesn’t weigh heavily on one side.  To be honest, I don’t even know if the following photos are upright.  Only the artists do…


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