Art – Collage Deer


This was a pretty intense project, and I reserve those for my Wednesday class (5th-HS), specifically because it’s a 2-hour time frame.  We’re able to accomplish SO MUCH!  It’s equivalent to having 3 art classes, because there’s no clean-up or stopping between hours.  I just LOVE it.

They started off learning how to draw a deer.  Some chose to make the head a little different than my example.  The students also added a bit of foliage that would later be covered up, but it gave them a point of reference.

Once they had the deer where they wanted, they tore scrapbook paper to fit and rubbed brown chalk pastel on the edges of the paper. Then, they moved on to the blue background, making sure to rub blue chalk on the edges of the paper.  When that was finished, they added the foliage (branches and berries, with charcoal and red chalk).  Finally, they used a Sharpie for the eye and nose, and chalk pastels for the ears.  Adding the chalk around the edges of the paper removed that stark white edging and made it a lot smoother.


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