Art – Free Falling


This was one of those assignments that I’ll do again ….but differently.  I always kick myself when I do a project, and then when they’re just about done, I realize all the steps I should have taken because, once again, these kids don’t have the background to do the project.  It’s almost like setting them up for failure.  Ugh!

Some of the kids had fun doing it, some of them didn’t – simply because they know they’re capable of better, but they don’t know HOW.

Anyway, this project created some super-funny gems.  We all had a great giggle from them!

I had them partner up and help each other trace around their hands and feet.  Then, they each drew a body and their head spread out, as if they were falling away.  It was supposed to be in their likeness, but some are a little… open for interpretation.  Finally, they water colored everything, and really jazzed up the soles of their shoes!


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