Blood and Guts – Lapbook, Lesson 11


Yay for the senses!  This is always a fun chapter, no matter what your age.  Our senses are what allow us to experience life, and kids are really curious to know how to use them and explore them.

We’ve been using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology to make this gigantic lapbook, and it looks like we’ll only be able to get through Lesson 12 before school’s out.  Oh well.  Most of the content has been covered, and it gives them a good foundation for the future, when they’re ready for high school biology.

Onward and upward!

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For this section, we used the eye and ear model from Scholastic’s The Body Book, by Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne.  We also used the smelling model and the tongue-and-lips model from  Scholastic:  Easy Make & Learn Projects:  The Human Body.  I copied the eyeball diagram from Knowledge Box Central (I think it’s page 39).    I also made up a lot of cards and foldables, and you’re welcome to download them below.

You’ll also notice cards in the lapbook from our “Sensory Extravaganza.”  That was a super-fun day, full of experiments and activities devoted to our senses!


L11 Lapbook – Six Senses (draw the 6 symbols on the outside, and tell what they are on the inside)


L11 Lapbook – astigmatism-myopia-hyperopia

L11 Lapbook – Conjunctivitis (don’t forget to color the eye as if it were infected!)

L11 Lapbook – Cornea

L11 Lapbook – Fovea

L11 Lapbook – Iris

L11 Lapbook – Otoliths

L11 Lapbook – Pupil

L11 Lapbook – Retina

L11 Lapbook – Sclera

L11 Lapbook – Tears


L11 Lapbook – Did the smell go away? (after you’ve been around an aroma for a while, did it go away?)

L11 Lapbook – Olfactory System

L11 Lapbook – Why doesnt everything have a smell?


L11 Lapbook – Tongue Jobs (what are the jobs of the tongue?)

L11 Lapbook – Tasting Food (how do we taste?)


L11 Lapbook – Ear Wax

L11 Lapbook – Inner Ear

L11 Lapbook – Middle Ear

L11 Lapbook – Pinna


L11 Lapbook – Static and Dynamic Sense of Balance


Now for the pictures:




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