Art – Giant Candy Bags


Yes, the projects seem to keep getting bigger.  I can’t help it!

This one took quite a while because: (A) This is my Wednesday class, and we only meet for 45 minutes, once a week.  Just try to get things done in that amount of time! (B) We had a LOT of snow days this year! and (C) They took mad pride in their work and wanted to do a good job.  No complaints from me…

We didn’t have large, white bulletin board paper (remember – we homeschool, so whatever supplies we need, we have to buy out of pocket), and since I try to keep the costs to a minimum, I opted for yellow, of which we had plenty.  Each student got a nice, big sheet.

To give them some options, I went out and purchased candy boxes from Walmart.  They were cheaper than the large bags, and the images could be seen very clearly on them.  They each got to pick they candy box they wanted, and then they sketched the design on the paper.  My Wednesday class is from 5th-high school, so the ages and abilities range drastically.

sketching out the design

sketching out the design


Once they were finished drawing it, they added all the white parts in acrylic.

Schooled in Love:  Giant Candy Bags

Now it was time for the color!  This was also done in acrylic.

Once they were done painting it, the students cut another piece of bulletin board paper, glued them together along the seams of three sides to make a pocket, stuffed it with newspaper, and then finished gluing the final side together.  The point I emphasized to them was to not make tight newspaper balls, but rather big, fluffy ones.  We weren’t adding weight – just volume.

Here they are!



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