Blood and Guts – Brain Hats


Every time we do something cool and fun like this in class, I think why didn’t I have this kind of learning when I was growing up?!  And then I come back to reality… and do something cool with the kids!  This time, we made brain hats!

Now, Scholastic:  Easy Make & Learn Projects:  The Human Body has a nice printable brain hat, that’s perfectly fine to use, and if you’ve purchased the book, and you’re intent on using ALL the parts to it, by all means, go ahead and make the hat.

BUT, if you’re like me, and see something even COOLER and FREE, then why not use it?  Ellen J. McHenry made this AWESOME brain hemisphere hat, and it’s what we used in our class.  I hope you get to take a look at all the rest of her wonderful free downloads as well.  Don’t just stop at the brain hat!

We did discover this tip in class, and you might want to follow it when you make yours:  The hat will shrink depending on how far you glue one hemisphere inside the other.  If your student has a larger head, they will want to glue the two halves JUST along the edge.  Any further in, and the hat will shrink significantly.




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