Art – Cave Dragons


I wanted something quick and fairly easy to do after working on the Letter Sculptures, so I chose Cave Dragons from  Dynamic Art Projects for Kids, by Denise Logan.  Fabulous book for art teachers, by the way!

I gave the kids general directions on how to draw a dragon.  Some followed my every move, and some chose to do their own thing.  They all turned out magnificent.

In the book, it advises you to use purple carbon paper.  Do you know how hard it’s getting to find that stuff??  I’m sure you can find it online, but I procrastinated a bit on this project, so I couldn’t find any locally.  Instead, for the stalactites and stalagmites, I had the students get their paper good and wet with a light purple wash of color.  Then, they used more pigment to make dark purple areas.  Finally, while the paint was still wet, they sprinkled salt on the paper, and let them dry.  For the next class period, they brushed off the salt, and cut the stalactites and stalagmites out, and finished the project according to the book.


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