History – SOTW, Vol. 2: Chapter 28

Isabella of Spain

Isabella of Spain

We’re winding up our two-year adventure through Story of the World, Volume 2:  The Middle Ages.  I absolutely love this series (except vol. 4), and if you homeschool, it’s a wonderful curriculum!

You know how Papa gets a brand new bag?  Well, Mama got a brand new digital projector for Christmas, and guess who reaps the benefits of this fun technology.  My classes!

For history, I normally give an overview of the chapter first, and then we do an activity, coloring sheets, a map, and then a test.  When I give the overview, it’s usually a lecture, or I’ll put some notes up on the overhead projector.  This is fine and all, BUT… now we can have extreme visuals!  Yeah!

For Chapter 28, I made a slide show.  I put a slide up on our screen and talked about it.  Visual + auditory = learning!  I’ll most likely be taking this approach to the rest of the chapters in the book.

If you’d like to use it, you’re more than welcome to (I am by NO means a techie guru!, so it is what it is!).  Please note that the book does not cover the Spanish Inquisition, but I included it in the slide show.

CH28 The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal Slides


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