Blood and Guts – Kidney Dissection


Schooled in Love:  Kidney Dissection Day!

One of the (many!) things my classroom o’ homeschooled kids looks forward to is dissection day!  Yes, it’s gross.  Yes, it smells.  Yes, it feels pretty dang nasty, but just as soon as we’re done with one, someone invariably asks, “When’s our next dissection, Mrs. Darby???”  It brings tears of pride to my eyes.

This is our kidney dissection.  We used cow kidneys, and they stink of urine and blood REALLY heavily.  You could taste it!  Yes, I just went there…  Also, they are VERY hard to slice vertically.  Kidneys are TOUGH!  If I revisit this class, I’ll have the butcher slice them in half for me.

Aside from showing their parents that we do this cool stuff in class, AND that these pictures are great record-keepers of the fact that we DO school with our homeschool kids, I get all these pictures printed up, and they put them in their lapbooks, so if they ever go back and show someone what they did in school, they’ll have a way to recapture those memories.  🙂

These particular pictures will go in their Renal System section.

Anyway, here are the action shots!




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