Project Reports – Sugar Skulls


Here’s the feedback I got from the students; everyone seemed to like it.  All names have been removed to protect the innocent.

You can see the Sugar Skulls project here.

You can get your own copy of the Art Project Report here.

Liked it:

– Because it was super colorful . . . and ethnic!

– I loved using chalk pastels and I love how we did this project for Halloween.

– I liked this project because it went with the season we are in right now.  I also liked it because it was from a different culture.

– I enjoy using chalk pastels.  VERY FUN!

– I was good with it

– Because it had sugar in it. (note:  I think he’s referring to the title.)

– It was fun!!!

– It was fun using the chalk

– I liked tracing with glue and smearing the pastels

– Because we made a skull.

– I liked the colors and chalk pastels are fun to use.

– I liked it because it taught us how to blend chalk and it was fun just decorating it with our own kinds of technique.

– Because it was SKULLS!!!!!!!……..!

– I liked the creativeness that I was able to add to my project.

– I can use a different variety of colors.  Also you can get messy.

– I liked it because it was unique and cool and I like using chalk pastels

– We haven’t used chalk pastels before.  I felt it was a simple, hands-on way to introduce us to them without trying to be super technical.


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