Art – My Art Project Report


This year, after each art project, I have the kids fill out a report.  It’s sort-of like a debriefing for art.  This allows me to show them why they got the grade they did, and record it on a paper (this is linked to the ‘What’s My Art Grade?‘ rubric).  This also allows me to see if they liked the project or not, and why or why not, in case I need to make improvements or leave it alone.

I thought I had posted this at the beginning of the school year, but I guess I didn’t.  Oh well.

Here is version #1, but I wanted a way to keep the “Did you like it” part, and give them back the rest, so I revamped it.  Also, there was confusion between “Name” and “Title” as well as the date:  date finished?  date completed?

My Art Project Report


Here’s the improved version.  It allows me to cut off the bottom and save it for future reference, and I cleared up the confusion:

Art Project Report


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