Blood and Guts – The Bowels of Hell


Let me just start off by stating they do NOT pay me enough for this!  Holy cow this was N-A-S-T-Y.  Do you know when people speak of “The Bowels of Hell?”  This was it.

Our hook-up, Mrs. Ferro, was able to get us a complete GI tract of (we THINK) a pig.  From the back of the throat allllllll the way to the hairy little anus.

For the record, I’m surprised I was able to keep down my breakfast.  I was gagging left and right!  That smell.  THAT SMELL.  I will NEVER forget THAT SMELL.

After our dissection, we had a debriefing.  This gave me a chance to ask the kids what they liked most, and what they liked least about this project.  They all loved the experience (this is something they’d never get to do in regular school, for REALS), and they all pretty much hated the smell.  They all said they’d never forget it!

Next week:  teeth.  Thank you, sweet Jesus.


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