Blood and Guts – Moveable Tendon Hand


Kids sure do like things that move!

We’re studying Lesson 3 Anatomy (Blood and Guts), which is the Muscular System, so we made hands with working tendons and moving fingers.

Yes, these will go into our insanely-growing lapbooks.

To make these, you’ll need the following for each student:

1 sheet of construction paper

5 drinking straws


5 pony beads




Before the class, cut the string into 18″-lengths.  I used the unraveling-kind of string, so I had to melt the ends.  Each student will need 5.  Also, cut 2 V-shaped notches in each straw.  Have the students trace their hand, and about 1-inch of arm, past the wrist, onto the construction paper.  Remind them to be careful about keeping the pencil straight up and down, or they’ll end up with super-skinny digits!  Cut out the hands.  Tape the straws to each of the fingers, keeping the notches up.  Clip any excess straw that goes beyond the palm.  Tie a bead to the end of one of a string, and feed it through the straw.  Once all the strings are through, tie all the strings together in a large knot.  Make the fingers move by gently pulling on one string at a time.  To glue this into your lapbook, Put glue on the back of the palm and wrist only.  Do NOT put glue on the fingers, or it won’t work!



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