Math – The 50’s Club 2013-2014


Half of my kids in my math class are ones we had from last year.  Since we’re a homeschool co-op, most of us move up with our kids, repeating grade levels only if we have younger children.  As a result, we see the same faces year after year.  It’s no wonder we grow to love these other children as our own.  We’re with them a lot!  The kids in last year’s class knew what to expect when they came into my math class, but the new ones were shocked as I instructed them to stand in front of the door, with at least one hand up.  If you don’t know what the 50’s Club is, you can read about it here.

I don’t care what age your child is, or how proficient you think your child is with times tables, if your kid takes a math class with me, he or she will end up in the 50’s Club.  I cannot shout the praises of this review program loud enough!  I used the drills from Times Table Challenge, and it is the bomb-diggety!  Just make sure you make copies of the pages – do NOT use the book as a consumable, because the student might need more practice than just twice!




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