Creative Writing – Defender!

Here I stand - Defender of my child!

Here I stand – Defender of my child!

Inspiration for Creative Writing comes at us from all angles.  This week’s assignment comes from the picture above.

I had the kids write down their greatest fear, anonymously, on an index card, then bring them to me one at a time.  Using a list of their names, I assigned a number to their name, and then put a matching number on their card.  So, Dominic’s card might be an 8, and Claudia’s card might be a 2.  I did that so when I passed them back out, they would get a different person’s card.  Once they got the card, they weren’t allowed to show anyone that fear.

The assignment is to take that fear, and become the valiantly defending teddy, just like the picture.  It was the writer’s job to defend his or her “child” against the horrible fear (spiders being a top one) in some sort of adventure.  Some asked if they could draw a picture to go along with it.  Aren’t they wonderful??




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