Creative Writing – Fractured Fairy Tales


Here’s a fun assignment we’re doing:


Day 1:  Have the kids make a list of 15 items that they would find in a grocery store – but not merchandise.  So, no food, or other items that are sold.


My kids were wicked creative, and came up with things like: flies, conveyor belts, shelves, scales, freezers, nasty leftover gum, toilets, etc.


Day 2:  Once the kids have compiled their list, you get to spring it on them that they have to take those items and incorporate them into a fairy tale.  The rule is the fairy tale can’t take a left turn and go to the grocery store.  It has to read the same as it normally would, but with the items thrown in.  Another kicker?  They don’t get to pick the story.

I printed off some fairy tales, folded them up, put them in a cup, and had the kids pick them.  They weren’t allowed to trade because I’m mean challenging like that.




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