Anchor Chart – What’s My Art Grade?


Although I would love to believe that everyone in my art classes wants to be there and loves ALL the projects, ALL the time, I’m a realist.  Some kids would rather have their teeth pulled be in a study hall than do art.  I really needed to have a system to reward those who were trying and have consequences for those that didn’t care and essentially wasted my time/supplies/energy, etc.

The original idea for this came from here.  I took her idea and tweaked it for my classroom expectations.  As with all things educational and on the internet, maybe you can use this, too…

Schooled in Love:  Anchor Chart:  Art Grade


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  1. Not bad…several art teachers could use this effectively…takes some of the judgement away…after all if a teacher is into a certain style or doesn’t like a certain style an A would still be possible for those rebels that did their work well.

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