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Creative Writing – Fractured Fairy Tales


Here’s a fun assignment we’re doing:


Day 1:  Have the kids make a list of 15 items that they would find in a grocery store – but not merchandise.  So, no food, or other items that are sold.


My kids were wicked creative, and came up with things like: flies, conveyor belts, shelves, scales, freezers, nasty leftover gum, toilets, etc.


Day 2:  Once the kids have compiled their list, you get to spring it on them that they have to take those items and incorporate them into a fairy tale.  The rule is the fairy tale can’t take a left turn and go to the grocery store.  It has to read the same as it normally would, but with the items thrown in.  Another kicker?  They don’t get to pick the story.

I printed off some fairy tales, folded them up, put them in a cup, and had the kids pick them.  They weren’t allowed to trade because I’m mean challenging like that.



Art Level 3 – Henna


I asked my older kids if they’d like to try their hands at henna.  It was a resounding “yes!”

Before the class, I asked them to look up the different types of henna design styles found all over the world.  They were to wear shorts and tank tops, because many of them have jobs, and most jobs don’t like visible body art.

On the day of the class, I explained the differences between natural henna and black henna.  If you don’t know what black henna is, give yourself a few minutes, and Google “black henna scar.”   True henna is never black, and it never smells like a chemical.  This was a chance to educate them, and I think they got it.  I also went over the process of making henna, how to care for it, and how to remove the paste.

I laid out sheets of designs from e-books I purchased and printed for them to use as inspiration.  Then, I gave them each a glove, a paper towel, and a cone of henna, and let them go to it.


I wanted to keep the instruction to a minimum and just let them explore, and they had a blast.  Some even came back at lunch to practice more!  Here are some fun pictures of our henna class:



They were worried that they weren’t experts.  I reminded them that no one just wakes up and is automatically an ‘expert’ at something.  Well… maybe breathing.

Anchor Chart – Sequencing with Minions!


Schooled in Love:  Anchor Chart - Sequencing with Minions!So I asked my kids what they thought should be the next awesome anchor chart, dealing with sentence sequencing.  They gave me some really good ideas that revolved around games, but I really wanted to do something different, so I made one with Minions!


They’re easy-peasy to draw, but if you can’t draw a Twinkie wearing overalls, just find some images online.  They’re all over the place, and they’re dang cute!

Anchor Chart – Magna Carta


Now, this was a fun anchor chart to make!  Since we’ll be covering the 2nd half of Story of the World, volume 2, I’ll be reviewing all the good stuff we learned last year.  The Magna Carta was one of them.  Tsk-tsk, King John…

Schooled in Love:  Anchor Chart - Magna Carta


Oh!  Just in case you’re wondering, I totally cheated on Ye Olde English Lettering.  I printed out the letters I needed, and slid them under the newsprint.  Then, I traced.   …and looked awesome while doing it.

Anchor Chart – What’s My Art Grade?


Although I would love to believe that everyone in my art classes wants to be there and loves ALL the projects, ALL the time, I’m a realist.  Some kids would rather have their teeth pulled be in a study hall than do art.  I really needed to have a system to reward those who were trying and have consequences for those that didn’t care and essentially wasted my time/supplies/energy, etc.

The original idea for this came from here.  I took her idea and tweaked it for my classroom expectations.  As with all things educational and on the internet, maybe you can use this, too…

Schooled in Love:  Anchor Chart:  Art Grade

Anchor Chart – Feudalism


Explaining the Feudal System can be difficult and, well, futile, if you don’t add some life to it, when teaching kids.  I’ll be teaching the second half of Story of the World, Volume 2 to my gang this year.  In the first week or so, we’ll be going over the extra-important issues of the first half of the book.  This will help the kids from last year to recall, and help the new kids to understand a ‘short-and-sweet’ catch-up version.

Last year, to explain feudalism, I gave different kids parts and rolls in the system.  They also got to dress the part.  It was funny to see them roll-play!

This year, I’ve made an anchor chart, so I can walk them through a visual and refer to it.  It turned out pretty cool!

Schooled in Love:  Feudalism Anchor Chart