Magnetic Interchangeable Supply List


How many times do we have to say, “You’ll need a pencil, your grading pen, colored markers, scissors, etc.”?  Too many times to count!  Last year I started “training” my kids to look at the chalkboard at the beginning of each class, so they knew what to get out.  I didn’t start it until the last couple weeks of school, but I saw (and felt) an incredible turn-around.  I just LOVE to help kids become self-sufficient – and they love consistency!

This year, in my effort to make things more stream-lined, and because I’m artsy-fartsy (AND because I have a new metal cabinet in my room in order for this to work), I made a magnetic interchangeable supply list!  Take a look!

I did this by hand, but you could just as easily print it from a computer.  I just had a LOT of extra paper scraps that I had on hand.

After making the header, I wrote out all the supplies I could think of on leftover scrapbook pieces.  Then I cut them out, and laminated them.  I’m sure there will be more obscure supplies needed during the year, and for those, I have laminated blank pieces of paper.  Finally, I stuck magnetic strips on the back of everything – including the header.

Schooled in Love:  Magnetic Supply List

The header in on the front of the cabinet, and the supply parts are stored on the side of it, out of view from the students:

Schooled in Love:  Magnetic Supply List


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