Level 1 Art – Junkbots


Schooled in Love:  JunkbotsWhat a great idea to help all the hoarding homeschoolers!  Who knew they had all this junk?!

I put all the usable stuff in (some-what) sorted buckets on a table.  This created a “Junk Store.”  On their initial visit to the store, they could collect up to 10 items.  This was to make sure everyone had a fair opportunity to get the stuff they wanted.  After everyone went once, the students were allowed to go up as many times as they liked.

For our Junkbots, I gave the kids rules:

1.  Each Junkbot had to have a head and a body.

2.  It had to have eyes or some sort of visual aid.

3.  The students were allowed to have up to 4 items kept in their “natural” state.  (Stuff that wasn’t going to be spray painted silver).

4.  Each Junkbot had to have a name.


We used E6000 to glue the pieces, but that didn’t go as well as planned.  If some students were STILL having trouble, after trying to do it themselves, I would help them out with Gorilla Crazy Glue.

This was our Junkbot Store.  Notice the large selection of... junk.

This was our Junkbot Store. Notice the large selection of… junk.

The Junkbots are built:

Time to spray paint all the Junkbots silver.  I did this myself to save time and resources, but the kids LOVED them once they were done.  I guess they seemed more “legit.”

Line 'em up, and spray 'em down!

Line ’em up, and spray ’em down!


Once they were dry, the kids put up to 4 things on the robot that were left in their “natural” state.

Not too shabby for “junk!”



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  1. What a great idea! This last weekend we just went through drawers and closets and threw out all kinds of junk that could have been used for a project like this. 😦 Maybe if we really scrounge we could come up with some more. Looks like the perfect end of the school year project to keep our younger 2 busy while the older two are working on their science projects.

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