Level 2 Art – Finding Poetry in Book Pages

Schooled in Love:  Poetry

“When they all journey together, it had always been among a great many places, like the lake and delightful gardens.”

I really love having an older group to work with.  We can do all the intricate things and get great results!  Plus I get to do the art projects right along with them at the table.  It’s a very relaxed environment for them AND me.  Bonus!Here’s what we did:  I grabbed a book off my shelf.  We’re homeschoolers, so there’s no shortage of books, and we sometimes even have duplicates.  In this case, I used A Horse and His Boy from the Narnia series (great series, by the way!).  We actually have the complete series in one giant book, and having an additional copy of A Horse and His Boy was unnecessary, so we sacrificed it in the name of Art.

I went through the book and clipped the strings that held the sections together, resulting in having two pages separated by the binding crease.  The left side (that had the title of the book) was going to be our resulting page, and the right side was to be our scratch paper.

Once everyone had a page, I made a duplicate of each one on the copy machine.  We used the copied version to find words that cascaded down the page that created a complete thought.  By using the copied version, were able to make mistakes, erase them, cross them out, or whatever.  After we found a sentence we were happy with, we circled each word, and connected them.

After that, we had fun drawing all manner of lines around the page.  Some of us added color with watercolor pencils, and some stuck to grey-scale.  Finally, we mounted the pages to a black mat.


“The fresh set grave, mysterious and free, was ready for his life. It cried out, “There he is!” and seized him by the moment.”


“Gooseberry really thought he was dazed about fine, little, promised years.”

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