Art – Portfolios


If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s seeing kids spend an incredible amount of time and effort on a project, and having it get ruined because there’s no where to put it.  Yes, as parents, we would like for all of our childrens’ art to go up on the walls, but sometimes that’s not feasible.

Even in my classroom, I only have enough space, so I have to rotate through all the different art projects.  Once they’re done with one, an ealier piece gets “bumped.”  Where do they put it?  In their portfolios, of course!

I had them bring in two of those white, cheap poster boards.  They put their names on one side of one of the posters in some artistic way, and then I stacked the two posters together, making sure they were lined up.  I duct-taped three sides together to make an over-sized pocket.  Bam!  A portfolio.

This is a great way to keep them all together until our art show at the end of each semester!  Nothing gets lost, torn up, or ruined.

Here’s one of the portfolios from an older kiddo:

Here's Faith's (duh!).  I love how this one turned out!

Here’s Faith’s (duh!). I love how this one turned out.  It looks almost… forensic.


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