Level 2 Art – 3-D Op Art


Schooled in Love:  Op ArtOne of the things I love about the older students is their cognitive abilities.  Although many of them haven’t had a formal art class, they are old enough to where most of them have taken the initiative to start drawing and such on their own.  Just simply doodling helps them have the motor skills and recognition of terms.


For this project, I wanted to give them a taste of op art.  It was a simple idea, and almost everyone finished it within one class hour.






Fist, the students drew a horizontal, wavy line in the middle of the paper.  Then they drew vertical, wavy lines; not all of them went from top to bottom.  They followed the “flow” of the lines to determine where to add the next line.  After that, the students made semi-circles above and below the horizontal line.  This gave it the appearance of a bubbled or swollen effect.  To add to this. they used colored pencils to color the “bubbles.”  They made sure to keep the center lighter than the edges.

Partially done, so you can see the original lines.

Partially done, so you can see the original lines.

Another completed project.

Another completed project.



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