Detention? Right This Way, Please



Our Purgatory sign.

Our Purgatory sign.

Some kids require a little extra push to take the right path, so we (the moms), decided to create Purgatory.  Purgatory is where you’re stuck in limbo – unable to talk or have any fun.  Your entire lunch is spent in thoughtful repose.  Heaven is the gym or outdoors, where all good little kids go to have fun and frolic during their lunch.  And then there’s Hell.  Hell is where you do NOT want to be, for that entails manual labor – such as cleaning the floor around the urinals in the boys bathroom.  So far, none of our kids have been to Hell.

My room happens to be Purgatory, and I’m the monitor.  I’m pretty good at it, because no one wants to be in there!

To direct the kids where to go, I made a fun sign up for the hallway.  It’s a gentle reminder that Purgatory is always open for business.


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