Level 1 Art – My Monster


I decided that the kids needed a little less structure in this art project.  The last few had been A + B = C the whole way through.  This allowed them to have a bit more artistic freedom, and I was GREATLY rewarded for my actions!  Don’t get me wrong.  There was SOME guidance through it all.  We started off by figuring out different body shapes monsters could have.  {Yes, I know that monsters can come in (literally) any size, shape, color, etc. imaginable, BUT oftentimes, if a child gets too many options, he or she won’t know what direction to go.}  While they threw out ideas, I drew them on the overhead.  I then asked them to tell me how many eyes and where they should be put.  We did the same thing with the arms and legs, mouths, and any other details (spots, hair, etc.).  Once we had them finished, I asked them to take these different parts and make up their own monsters.  Some were brave enough to ask if they could do something completely different, and that was totally fine!  Others appreciated something to springboard from.

Next, using a pencil lightly, I had them draw the most BASIC part of the shape of the monster.  Some tried to start adding details in, but I had them erase those lines.  The details would come later.  Once they had a general idea of the shape, and any other large area they wanted to pay attention to with color, I had them use their watercolors and fill in the shapes.  I asked that they not use just one color, but add in extra colors (blues with greens or purples, oranges with pinks or yellows) to give the monsters more pizzaz.  That idea was A+!

Once their monster was watercolored, and it was dry, I had the kids take a Sharpie and very carfully go over the pencil lines.  I also had them add in any extra details as well.  Here are the finished products:


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