Level 1 Art – Exploring Positive and Negative


A positive/negative exercise.

For this exercise, I used white cardstock, and a half sheet of black construction paper.  The kids cut a rectangle from the construction paper, and glued the frame of black to the white cardstock.  They flipped the rectangle and glued it down.  In the open white space, they used a black marker and colored a vase.  On the small rectangle, the kids drew three daisies, using a white crayon.

These turned out neat, but to be honest, I like it better when the kids have a little ‘free art’ mixed in with the project.  I felt so rigid giving out the instructions on how to make this, BUT this (and the one previous – Warm Hands) is one of those projects that you HAVE to be precise about in order for the end result to work.  I think the kids were happy with their work, but it didn’t receive the same raves as other ones.  No worries, though!  Next week, we’ll be watercoloring again, and this time, it’ll be on canvas!

You can find the original project idea to this here.


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