Writing – Mr. Stick Gets a Wish



Mr. Stick Gets a Wish – the poor guy!

For this writing assignment, Mr. Stick Gets a Wish.  I didn’t give the kids too many parameters, because I was curious as to what kinds of wishes Mr. Stick would get, and how he would come about them.  Mr. Stick was visited by a fairy godmother, a tooth fairy, and even a dark, shadowy force!  He wished to be a famous par cour(er) and lots of money.

Yes, the picture to the left has quite a few spelling mistakes, but I’m not grading on spelling, punctuation, or even grammar – as long as the concept can be conveyed, and I can read it.  Remember, I have some VERY reluctant writers in my class!  The idea is to get them to enjoy writing.  The proper stuff will come with time.


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