History – Middle Ages: Celtic Cloaks


Wouldn’t you be scared seeing these faces on the battlefield?

We’re studying the Middle Ages for the next two years at our co-op, and we’re using Story of the World.  We’ve decided to break down each of the books into two years, so we can do a lot of the projects that go with it.  There are over 40 chapters, so it works well to evenly divide it between 2 years of study.

Some of my students are too cute to be warriors…

We’re on chapter 2, and using the SOTW Activity guide, we made Celtic cloaks yesterday.  I made copies of the brooch and had the kids color and cut them out.  Then, I had them glue the brooch to a piece of cardstock to make it sturdier and cut that out as well.  They flipped it over and taped a (very) large safety pin to the back.  Each child was asked to bring in 1 yard of plain fabric.  Most brought neutral colors, but Mary brought in hot-pink (and that’s perfectly fine, because if she were Celtic, she would have invented hot pink and glitter).  My fabulous class-helper, Lisa, and I draped the cloths around their shouders and pinned the brooch in place.  It was so fun, because we were saying things like, “Arise, and become a warrior today!”  The kids got a kick out of that.  😉

I asked them to pose with their best warrior-strength look, and this is what I got.  Homeschoolers!  🙂


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