Boggle Board


Set up a Boggle Board in your classroom, and watch the fun begin!

If you’re an educator, have a classroom, and are internet savvy, you’ve probably already heard about the “Boggle Board.”  It’s all the rage with teachers, and rightly so!  With just a little printing, cutting, laminating, and prep-work, you’ll have a life-sized Boggle Board for the kids to find endless amounts of words.  In my classroom, we use the ticket system, so I offer tickets through a point tier.  This helps to encourage even the unwilling kids to find words.

Want to know a secret?  The adults sneak in to pay it, too!

The letters to print out and make the Boggle Board can be found here.

I printed, cut, and laminated all the letters.  On the back of each laminated letter is a velcro dot.  I also made a backboard (that’s the green poster board you see in the pictures).  I added scrapbook paper squares to make it more colorful, and stuck the word “Boggle” at the top.  I laminate the whole thing, and then stuck velcro dots on the scrapbook squares.

I found plastic locker buckets at the dollar store.  They’re magnetic, but since my bulletin board is cork, I just thumb-tacked the buckets to the board.  Three of them hold all the letters just perfectly!  The larger bucket holds the answer sheets.  Make up your own, or download and use mine:  Boggle Answer Sheet

Our scoring system:

3-letter words = 1 point

4-letter words = 2 points

5-letter words = 3 points

5 points = 1 ticket



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