Math – Multiplication Facts


Never ask the same problem twice again!

I noticed that my 4 math students were struggling with their multiplication facts.  I decided to help them learn them by turning our reviews into games.  The first game was actually suggested by one of my students.  Emily proposed we play “Around the World.”  In this game, all the kids stand up.  I ask each kid a math fact, and if they get it right, they get to move to the next chair over.  If they don’t, they have to stay put until their next chance.  When we first played this, I had trouble thinking of new multiplication facts off the top of my head.  Silly, huh?  Oh well, to help with that, I got out my trusty jumbo popsicle sticks and proceeded to write down ALL the multiplication facts.  I then put them in a decorated bucket.  Now when we play ANY type of facts review game, I use my bucket to draw the fact from!  I’m such a genius…

For the next game, we tossed a beanie baby around the room.  The kids stood in the four corners and as I threw the doll, they caught it and shouted the answer.  That woke ’em up!  It didn’t go quite as planned, as we ended up hitting the ceiling fan.  Whoops!  Mea Culpa, fan…

I’m in the process of designing a new game.  I think it’ll be a long the lines of… Candyland.  That’s all I’m going to say on it.


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