ZAP! for review!

One of the BEST classroom review games I found was ZAP!  Some of you are scratching your heads over this, so allow me to explain what ZAP! is.

First, you make a board.  This board is going to hold all your envelopes and cards.  Make it purdy and inviting!  I have plans to decorate mine in the VERY near future.  Staple or adhere the envelopes to the board.  Once you’ve done that, sit down at your desk and start writing the cards out.

The original post (she’s full of fantastic ideas!) I got the idea from uses only 16 cards.  That’s great and all – unless you’ve turned your kids into ZAP!-a-holics.  My kids love-love-LOVE reviewing using the ZAP! game.  They beg me all day long to play!  I usually give in around History hour.  🙂  Anyway, I decided to make the game longer (this way I can review more questions to them – I’m sneaky like that).

Now that you’ve gotten your cards written (I have ideas below to help you), you can load them all into the envelopes.  Make sure you can’t see the words through the envelopes!  I turn the cards around just in case.

Divide the class into two teams.  Have them make up their team names.  Once they’ve done that, ask Team Rainbow Quadri-Dolphins (yes, that was a team name) a question.  If they get it right, they get a point, and they get to pick a card.  They have to follow what the cards says.  Sometimes it’s in their favor, and sometimes it’s NOT.  It’s the next team’s turn at that point.  Whoever has the most points when all the cards are gone is the wiener.  I mean, winner.

Here are what my cards say.  You’re welcome to change your ZAP! game around to however you like!

1.  Switch your score with the other team. (x3 cards)

2.  Add two points to your team’s score.

3.  ZAP! the other team. (the other team’s points go bye-bye) (x3 cards)

4.  Switch with someone on the other team. (x3 cards)

5.  Bonus!  Each person on your team gets a ticket! (tickets are our reward system)

6.  The other team jumps up and down while answering the next question.

7.  Everyone switches teams!  (the kids physically get up and move to the opposite team location)

8.  Add 3 points to your team’s score

9.  The other team walks around like chickens on the next question.

10.  ZAP! your team.  (yes, the team that drew that card just lost all their points)

11.  The other team spins around while answering the next question.

12.  Give 1 point to the other team.

13.  Add 10 points to the other team’s score.

14.  The other team sings their answer on the next question.

15.  The other team dances around like ballerinas for the next question.

16.  Add 10 points to your team’s score.

17.  The other team does sit-ups while answering the next question.

18.  The other team breakdances while answering the next question.

19.  Choose someone from the other team to answer the next question.  (x3 cards)

20.  The other team must answer the next question ninja-style.

For those of you needing library card pockets, you can buy them from your local teacher’s supply shop.  If you don’t live near a teacher’s supply shop, has a boat-load for you to choose from.  If you’re feeling REALLY crafty, and have way too much time on your hands, you can click this link for a free printable template, of which you can use to make your own pockets.


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  1. I have already created all my cards. I can’t wait to present this new game to my students. Thanks so much for sharing. Where do you get library card envelopes?

    • Hi there, Jessica! I just updated the post to include some info you can use. I got mine from a teacher’s supply store, but sells them, and there’s a link to a template, if you decide you want to make them yourself. Happy Zapping!

  2. With the everybody switches teams does that mean the tickets stay with the team or the player so goes with the player to other team

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