The Ticket System

In our co-op, some of us use the ticket system of rewarding our kiddos.  In this way, if the kids do good, they can earn tickets.  If they mess up, they can have their tickets taken away.  At the end of each quarter, they get a pizza party, and we set up a shop for them to spend their tickets.  The stuff we (the teachers) “sell” is usually dollar-store items, or things that are nice, but didn’t sell in a garage sale, or what-have-you.  All the stuff is donated by us (because we’re a co-op), but if you’re a regular school, the parents can bring stuff in throughout the year.  The kids have to have at least 25 tickets to be able to participate in the pizza party.  Whatever they have left over can be spent in the store.  Don’t worry – even Wal Mart doesn’t have deals like these.

I made a board in my room (because I LOVE interactive bulletin boards!) to hold our tickets.  I found plastic magnetic buckets at the dollar store (made for lockers, but PERFECT for my plan!), and just pinned them up on the board.  Each kid got his or her own bucket.  I bought blank cardstock tags, wrote each kid’s name on them, and use glue dots to adhere the tags to the buckets.  I made up two pages:  how you can get tickets, and how you can lose them, and put them up on the board.  I also found giant “tickets” for decoration, and I think it turned out fabulously!

When someone does something to earn a ticket, I let them put it in.  Alternatively, when they do something to warrant a ticket taken away, THEY have to pull it out of their bucket.

You can make up your own reward/consequences sheets, but if you’d like to use mine, here they are:  Earn Tickets – Lose Tickets

Just simply click on the link and print it out.  🙂


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