Hi there!  My name is Kristi, and I’m currently teaching our homeschool co-op’s 5th and 6th graders (edit:  annnd in my art class(es), I now have 7th graders, 8th graders, and high schoolers!).  “What’s a co-op,” you ask?  Well, it’s a bunch of homeschoolers that get together and decide to share their wealth of knowledge.  The moms teach the classes, and the kiddos get a classroom environment, while still keeping the classes s m a l l.  This year, I’m teaching Grammar/Vocabulary, Math, Reading/Writing, History, Science, and Art.  We teach full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have half-days on Wednesdays.  We teach the lessons at “school,” and the kids do their homework at home.  If the kids ever need us, they are welcome to call, text, e-mail, or send smoke signals at any time – and they do!  We (the teachers) love these kids as our own, and wil often travel with them as they progess in grades, especially if our kids are in the same grade levels.

I decided to start this blog, because I’ve got some pretty neat ideas that I’ve created or improved upon, and maybe this will help someone else down the road.  Why re-invent the wheel, right?


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