If you haven’t already heard of it, may I be the first person to introduce you to Engrade?  This is the FREE online program that my entire co-op uses to keep track of our students’ grades.  It’s easy to use, AND it keeps records as the kids progress through the years (handy-dandy for transcripts!).  Engrade has a great help page as well as how-to VIDEOS!  It’s like Engrade for Dummies: Live!  …I watched them.

After we’ve created our classes and added our students, we simply add a new assignment.  The kids log in and read what’s due and when.

It’s perfect for regular homeschoolers, too!  Just name your school something like, “The Smith Academy for the Gifted and Obnoxious.”  🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to pass that little gem of knowledge on to y’all


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